Tethered Box Type Ratchet

PRODUCT CODE : See product Description
  • Large range of sizes with reverse switch. Also available with stub handle.
  • B-T1461SR 10/13mm
  • B-T1462SR 13/17MM
  • B-T1466SR 17/19MM
  • B-T1469SR 19/21MM
  • B-T1471SR 19/24MM
  • B-T1477SR 24/30MM
  • B-T1481SR 30/32MM
  • B-T1482SR 30/36MM
  • B-T1483SR 32/36MM
  • B-T1485SR 36/41MM
  • B-T1486SR 41/46MM
  • B-T1487SR 46/50MM


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